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"We love living in our home built by BIC Custom Homes. Beau Daffer and his team were very easy to work with. Beau is a great communicator. He listened to our ideas, and always put our needs first. The result is a home that truly reflects our family."
- Dennis and Nila Jacobson -

Written Testimonial

Rodney Walker

This testimonial has taken some time to write, because it’s hard to put into words how grateful we are to Beau and the team at BIC. They went above and beyond in so many ways building our new home, that we cannot possibly list them all. In our case, it was more about rebuilding after a huge loss. In the early morning hours of February 15, 2020, our home and most of our personal property was destroyed by a fire that spread from our neighbor’s house.
We were left with two options; 1) Pile on the loss by moving from our location and our neighborhood friends, or 2) Staying and rebuilding. After a lot of prayer and consideration, it became important to stand up to the loss and rebuild. But what about the stresses often associated with building a custom home, while at the same time we were dealing with the emotional loss, insurance, tearing down and clearing the lot, salvaging any personal property and a host of other issues. The Covid pandemic started a month later. Could we afford a fully customized home? All this would require a very special builder.
BIC/Beau were an answer to prayer. From the moment we met and shook hands after our first meeting, we knew we could trust them. Beau reassured us that we could afford to build and they could, and would, build it for us without subjecting us to all the stress involved. BIC/Beau guided us through the entire process. They gave us a list of questions at the beginning of the process to help us figure out what kind of floor plan would work the best. We chose a custom plan that BIC didn’t have in their files, including the floor plan. From this choice, they walked us though the plan room by room, asking questions, giving guidance and making modifications. Every choice was left up to us, with no pressure whatsoever. We were reminded time and again, it was our home and we could do whatever we wanted. Beau broke down all the costs, double checked at each stage for any changes, checked with us about all purchases; lighting, flooring, windows, appliances, everything. He encouraged us to ask questions and express any concerns at any time, on any day, saying he never wanted us to stress out or worry about something for even a day. He would always respond to us in a timely manner, and he was always patient and kind. Beau worked very hard to stay within our budget, despite the huge jump in building material prices within a week in the Spring of 2021 just when we were set to begin the build.
We cannot speak highly enough of BIC and Beau’s honesty, patience, professionalism and kindness. Beau shows great respect to the homebuyers and the team of subcontractors he works with. BIC and Beau exceeded all our expectations in building our new home. It is everything we wanted and more. All thanks go to the master builder and our new friend, Beau, at BIC. Thank you for everything. A great Team makes all the difference. Highly recommended!
"We recently moved into our newly constructed BIC home, and we couldn’t be more pleased. As stressful as it could have been to build during the pandemic, we never felt that stress because of the approach Beau took throughout our build process. He always communicated at a high level, so we were in the loop throughout the process. When challenges came up, we always felt like Beau had our best interest in mind to get them resolved. Instead of an ‘us vs them’ situation, we sat on the same side of the table and worked together to get through the challenges. He earned our trust through his consistent, steadfast approach to our build. For anyone looking for a stress free build, we definitely recommend they go with BIC for the construction needs."
- Jason -
"Built our new house with BIC. What we heard was a very stressful process was made much easier by the great folks at BIC!"
- Tim P. -
"After living in the only house we ever owned for 29 years we weren’t sure if building a custom home was something we wanted to undertake. However, after meeting with Beau and Craig and talking through what we wanted and discussing how the folks at BIC handle the process we made the decision to build. In hind sight, reflecting on how everything went, it should have been a no brainer. Beau was great to work with and was driving the process, keeping us updated every step of the way. When questions arose he was available to provide answers and guidance as we navigated the supply chain challenges generated by the pandemic and did everything in his power to mitigate delays. We’re about to do our one year walk through where BIC comes back through to see if anything needs to be handled and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with the pros at BIC. If you’re looking to build, look no further than Beau and his team. You won’t be disappointed!"
- Carl Applegate -
"We had a very positive experience constructing our home with BIC. Throughout the process, any issues that arose were addressed immediately and used as an opportunity to make the situation better. Beau's genuine work ethic, friendliness, and honesty still remain even after completion. Our connection with them has only grown stronger. Thank you BIC for building our dream home!"
- Scott & Jane O. -
"BIC allowed us to design our dream home. Beau & Craig were great to work with. Beau was always available and answered all my phone calls. Having Carolyn’s help with the design made the build easier and more enjoyable. Ann Deck & Trish Jarvis from Woods were great to work with. I would highly recommend BIC Custom Home’s."
- Denise S. -
"From the first minute we stepped into a BIC home I knew we were dealing with a builder who does things the right way and demands quality. I grew up helping build homes with our families business. There’s probably not a more difficult person to satisfy with a home project than someone who has worked in the in the construction trade. With great confidence we would recommend BIC Custom Homes to anyone building their dream home. Beau & BIC have gone out of their way to ensure we are happy with every detail of our new home. We couldn’t imagine a better experience!"
- Larreau -